Micro - Combined Heat and Power Development at AET

October 9

AET is at the forefront of new developments in Micro-Combined Heat and Power (MCHP) for homes and small businesses.

MCHP systems are fuelled by clean burning natural gas or propane which are cost effective and available in most parts of the world. AET's MCHP system provides up to 6 kW of electrical power to meet building requirements.  Power generated in excess of building needs is sent back to the power grid.  This helps the Utility generator meet its power requirements which is sometimes called Distributed Generation.

MCHP systems also provide heat for domestic hot water or building space heating needs.  The fuel efficiency of the best MCHP systems exceeds 85%.   By comparison, the efficiency of the Utility Power Grid averages less than 45%1

Our MCHP systems also provide backup or standby power to protect the home owner or business operator in the event of a Utility Power Failure.

Today, AET is working with industrial partners to develop the next generation of MCHP equipment.

One system has been installed at a test site in Canada.  In operation since February 19th, it has accumulated 4800hrs of operation, and has generated over 25 MWh of electricity and 72 MWh of thermal. It also has the capability of providing backup or standby power in the event of a power outage. It is expected that these systems will pay for their capital investment in a few years.


1. http://sites.energetics.com/gridworks/gridworks_pdfs.zip