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Diesel Fuel Ignition Quality Tester
ASTM Fuel Specification Test Methods:
ASTM D6890/EN 15195 (IP 498)

- Available from AET and its distributors worldwide, for fast, precise and reliable measurement of the ignition quality of diesel fuel(derived cetane number - DCN)


Totally Automated Lab Model
- TALM is for new IQTs and is a series of kits that allow existing IQT™ Instrument Users to quickly and easily upgrade their IQT™s to test with greater productivity, improved precission, and superior functionality.

Small, Lightweight Diesel
Generator Sets

-AET developed generator sets feature the AVERO Ultra-Lite genset weighing only 15 kg, the 2.5 kW Flex-Lite, and the 2.4 kW Polar-Lite, capable of hand-starting down to -46°C

Backup Power
Generac Dealer
-As an autorized Generac dealer, AET offers dependable, quiet backup power generation for residential and commercial applications in Ottawa, Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec

- An AET natural gas backup and co-generation generator set is also separately available for small business applications