Research and Test Services

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Small Compression Ignition Engine Emissions / Fuel Test Rig

SCIEEF has been developed to allow the use of small volumes of fuel to obtain exhaust emissions screening data. This engine dynamometer system, when tested in an eight mode ISO test cycle, has been shown to be representative of larger multi-cylinder four stroke diesel engines. The rig may be utilized to analyze the effects of additives, fuel components, blends of fuel components and alternative fuels. The test rig can provide data on engine operability, performance, combustion and injection characteristics, as well as exhaust emissions. SCIEEF testing services are available from AET - please contact us for a quotation.

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Lubricity Research and Test Services

AET offers lubricity bench tests performed on its modified Falex BOTD test rigs. Considerable R&D has been performed by AET and Falex to seal the fuel sample reservoir to prevent moisture laden ambient air from entering into the air space above the fuel sample, both during the test fuel dispensing process and during the 45 minute test period. A recently developed common rail test rig is also available for diesel fuel additive and fuel injection system component evaluation. This test bench has been fully operational since early May of 2005, and to date, approximately 200 hours of operation have been accumulated. Test data is recorded in accordance with the Bosch/CRC Test Cycle. Full engine test rig lubricity evaluation is also available for 2-stroke and 4-stroke high and medium speed diesel engines.