AET Lubricity Research and Testing

AET has performed extensive lubricity research in the past and is pleased to have partnered with the Canadian Coast Guard, Falex Corporation, the Nunavut Power Corporation and major oil and additive companies in this effort. To learn more about the need for luricity research, click here.

Common Rail Test Rig

AET has recently completed a major initiative resulting in the development of a test system to perform the Cordinating Research Council (CRC)/Bosch Common Rail durability test. AET’s Common Rail test system comprises a test bench, fuel handling system, and Data Acquisition System (DAS). The test bench is based on a 6.6 L General Motors Corporation (GMC) Duramax Diesel engine block and cylinder heads, and Common Rail fuel injection system from GM. Organizations interested in lubricity additive/component evaluation using the common rail durability test are invited to Contact Us.