life is better with power

As an authorized Generac dealer for the Ottawa, Eastern Ontario, and West Quebec regions, AET offers full service installation and after sales service for Generac products to meet all your home and small business needs. AET is certified by Generac, and offers 24/7 emergency service.

Installing a Guardian Generator is quick and hassle free.

AET will assist you in determining the ideal Generac generator for your needs. This is a very quiet family of generator sets that can be permanently installed outside your home on a pad of crushed stone, in an aesthetically pleasing enclosure. These generator sets can also be installed in the winter too.

Unlike other companies, AET does not sub-contract your generator set installation, instead we commission each unit at your house or business. In order to complete the generator installation, the generator set needs to be connected to your home's main distribution pannel and the installation certified by either your electrician or AET's. The choice is yours. Total customer satisfaction is our goal and we are ready to work around your schedule in order to meet your needs.

AET also has the capability to offer our own cold starting kits which will enable your genset to start reliably during the most severe winter tempuratures. (Down to -35° C)

Generac backup power systems have the following features:

  • Permanently installed
  • Completely automatic
  • Restores power to all or pre-selected circuits in a home within 30 seconds
  • Shuts off automatically when utility power is restored
  • Runs on natural gas or propane
  • Tests itself weekly - automatically
  • Protects your home or business all day, every day
  • When installed with AET's cold starting kit can be automatically started down to -35° C

Worry and Hassle Free

Maintenance is easy as the enclosure hood is hinged and the front pannel is easy to remove. Should there be a problem AET's technical support representatives will be available to provide 24 hour 365 day service with the purchase of a service contract.

We offer a full range of Generac backup power systems. Contact us today for your free quotation!