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AutoStartAir™ System

The AET Auto-StartAir™ system is designed to supply compressed air to be used for starting large diesel engines equipped with air start motors. The system is designed to perform its duty with and without a source of AC electric power. Additionally, the system is fully automated with limited redundancy capability.

The system consists of an electric driven air compressor to function under normal electric power generation, as well as a separate diesel driven air compressor to fulfill the compressed air requirements during a period of loss of electric power. Controlled by a programmable logic controller(PLC) with AET software, the system will automatically detect the loss of AC electric power and a low pressure condition in the compressed air reservoir. The presence of both of these conditions will cause the PLC to enable the backup air compressor, driven by a diesel engine. Once the AC power is restored, the diesel driven air compressor will complete its cycle and be shutdown by the PLC until it is required in the future.

here to download a PDF file of an article about the Auto start Air system from the November 2001 North American Edition of Diesel Progress.


Portable Pressure Tool

The Portable Pressure Tool (PPT) is designed to provide operators with the information needed to quickly and easily assess engine health. It provides measurement, analysis and storage of cylinder pressure and injection pressure waveforms for engines equipped with permanently installed cylinder pressure ports.