IQT™ Test Services

The IQT™ has been used to determine the derived cetane number (DCN) of a wide range of diesel fuels, diesel fuel components, gasolines, gasoline components, gaseous fuels (injected as a liquid - such as dimethyl ether), many alternative fuels, single component fuels, oxygenated fuel components, blends of diesel fuels and oxygenated fuels and cetane improver additives. The diesel fuels have derived from crude sources all over the world, including diesel fuel obtained from the Fischer Tropsch process. In terms of bio derived diesel fuels, the IQT™ has been used to determine the DCN of bio-diesel made from waste wood products, grain, soy, rapeseed, corn, sewage, sewage sludge, and used rubber tires. The IQT™, with its ceramic composite coated plunger in the high pressure fuel injection pump, has been used with many fuels having extremely poor lubricity. The above fuels or fuel components have covered a range of DCN well below 0 and well above 100.