The Totally Automated Laboratory Model IQT™ (TALM-IQT™) is a system of kits that upgrade the current Lab Model IQT™ (LM-IQT™) to provide additional automation which increases the precision of results, and reduces operator intervention. Feedback from our IQT™ instrument user community was essential in developing the TALM-IQT™; many of the TALM-IQT™’s features are based on your suggestions. The TALM-IQT™ system was designed to permit for a simple upgrade process of your existing LM-IQT™ both in the present and in the future.

To help you get the greatest value out of the TALM system, we have created three TALM kit packages that can make the LM-IQT ™ even more precise, increase the ease of calibration, or both. In order to upgrade the LM-IQT™ with TALM kits, it is beneficial to first purchase TALM-K1 and TALM-K2:  the System Control Cabinet, and the Revised Software Package respectively. Both of these kits are required to allow other components of the TALM system to interface with the existing LM-IQT™. The TALM-IQT™ builds upon the LM-IQT™’s industry leading precision (based on real world fuel exchange program data) and ease of operation, to increase your lab’s fuel testing productivity, and the precision of your results.

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Kit # Kit Name Benefit
TALM-K1 System Control Cabinet
Provides the electronics interface for other automated components.
TALM-K2 Revised Software Package
Redesigned user interface allows improved high visibility test monitoring for viewing from anywhere in a lab environment. Greatly improved touch control allows keyboardless operation.
TALM-K3 Nozzle Tip Temperature Control
Improves the precision of the IQT™. Removes the need to manually adjust the flow of coolant through the nozzle tip.
TALM-K4 Combustion Chamber Tail Temperature Control
Improves the precision of the IQT™. Removes the need to manually adjust the flow of coolant through the combustion chamber tail.
TALM-K5 Automated Bleed Valve Control
Automated fuel flushing and purging saves operator time.
TALM-K6 Coolant Flow Indicator
Alerts the operator of coolant flow abnormalities. This removes the need to manually check the flow indicator at the start and end of an operating period.
TALM-K7 Electronic Pressure
Regulator Panel

Improves the precision of the IQT™. Eliminates the need to manually adjust the gas pressure regulators. Gives early warning when gas cylinder levels are becoming depleted.
TALM-K8 Heater Monitoring Tool
Monitors each of the nine IQT™ heaters. Permits quick detection of any failure
TALM-K9 Self Sealing
Fuel Reservoirs

Allows multiple reservoirs to be cleaned and filled before hand, and swapped out during testing. Allows filling of the reservoirs off of the IQT unit (in a fume cabinet, for example).
TALM-K10 Waste Fuel Container
Allows automated monitoring of the fuel level in the waste fuel container.
TALM-PK1 Improved Precision Package Includes kits 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, (with 7 optional). Automates various components to improve precision.
TALM-PK2 Calibration Package Includes kits 1, 2, 5, 9. Allows partially automated calibration to be performed, only requiring operators to switch fuels or refuel at certain points during calibration.
TALM-PK3 Automation Retrofit Package Includes kits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Allows full fuel testing automation at the highest possible precision. Minimizes amount of necessary operator intervention.