AET's ongoing IQT™ R&D has identified that better temperature control of the combustion chamber tail helps to further improve precision. The current LM IQT™ requires the operator to monitor and make adjustments to the flow valve near this temperature critical component.

This kit provides a coolant flow controller system which was developed to automatically control the flow near the temperature sensitive combustion chamber tail to ensure optimal temperature during operational testing.

TALM-K4 installed on an IQT™ instrument

Key Benefits

  • Improves precision by ensuring optimal combustion chamber tail temperature.
  • Reduces operator time and attention required.
  • Increases ease of operation.



  • All existing IQT™s can be retrofitted with this kit.
  • Installation is straight-forward and can be completed with only basic tools


This kit requires:
  • TALM-K1 – System Control Cabinet
  • TALM-K2 – TALM Software Package



Thermocouple type
Temperature set point range °C
120-140 (default 130)
Temperature precision °C
Dimensions (L x W x H) cm
8.2 x 7 x 12.5
Weight Kg 0.831