As part of the standard operating procedures for the IQT™, the operator is required to verify that the cooling system is working properly. To assist the operator, the IQT™’s cooling system is equipped with a rotary flow indicator, which allows the operator to verify that the coolant is actually circulating within the cooling system.

The IQT™’s flow indicator is normally mounted on the back of the instrument's wheeled cart, which can make it difficult to see it in some circumstances. The Electronic Coolant Flow Indicator allows the IQT™ System Software to display an on-screen reading of the coolant flow rate, as well as provide a visible warning if the coolant flow rate decreases below acceptable limits.

TALM-K6 installed on an IQT™ instrument

Key Benefits

  • Access to rear of unit no longer required.
  • Operator warned immediately if the coolant pump stops.
  • Tracking the coolant rate over time can help predict possible pump failure and allow preemptive maintenance.
  • Can save potentially costly repairs in the case of overheating.



  • All existing IQT™s can be retrofitted with this kit.
  • Installation is straight-forward and can be completed with only basic tools


This kit requires:
  • TALM-K1 – System Control Cabinet
  • TALM-K2 – TALM Software Package



Minimum Reading Hz:
0 (no flow)
Maximum Reading Hz:
Typical Reading Hz:
Inlet/Outlet connections:
1/4" NPT(F)