With additional automation to the flushing and cleaning procedures, less time will be spent by operators around their IQT™s. Hence, there is a need to ensure the waste fuel container cannot overflow.

The new waste fuel container has a means of informing the IQT™ computer when it is becoming full and needs to be emptied. The operator is alerted via the graphical user interface that his waste fuel container must soon be emptied.

Key Benefits

  • Avoids the safety concerns of any spills of waste diesel fuel or more volatile reference fuel material onto the laboratory floor.
  • Is able to proactively remind the operator of a safety concern that is easy to forget.
  • The waste container is vented so volatile vapours are not released into the laboratory.


TALM-K10 installed next to an IQT™ instrument


  • No special tools are required. The cabling merely plugs into the new TALM Control Cabinet (Kit #1).





Volume L
Dimensions (L x W x H) cm
25 x 25 x 61
Weight Kg 3.5